10 men to avoid dating

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My imagination goes wild, but so does my early warning radar. Women who carry a handbag the size of a baby rhinoceros. Or perhaps she’s in grad school for the next year or two or four? They all seem to be unstable, as if literally they are losing their minds while trying to adjust. My eyes can’t roll hard enough when a girl says, “But I don’t like talking on the phone.” Please. Imagine how simple your love-life could be if you just agreed to that rule of thumb? No matter who you, how desperate you feel, how long you’ve been single or how badly you’re looking for a date, please do yourself a favor and avoid these 10 guys like the plague: Mr.There’s just something about the “unknown” (does he like me, or not?But the biggest problem with this kind of guy is that he’s using you for as long as you’ll stick around. One moment you’re “the one” and the next moment he’s confused, confined, and non-committal. Keepin’ My Options Open Oh yeah, he says he’s interested. With the right guy there are no options- there are only relationships.What you need to know about this guy is that this isn’t a “phase”, it’s a glimpse of the rest of your life. Time to get off the rollercoaster- or better yet- never get on. Out of Sight Out of Mind This guy is sweet, charming, flirtatious, and basically everything you imagined him to be, while you’re around. Well, he’ll be that same sweet, charming, and flirtatious guy with the next girl. And healthy relationships can only develop and progress when the focus is on one person at a time. Let’s Get Physical, Physical The thing that makes me crazy about Mr. He makes you think that he’s really into you- when all the while his primary focus is on what he can get from you.

I’m not expecting a gown for the red carpet or a job interview business wear, but I will make effort myself with a sports coat and a tie. Women who ask me to hold their handbag (of any size) while they go pee. Women who are “exploring” or “figuring things out.” This is almost an euphemism for “I can’t be exclusive with one man.” Even if that isn’t true, she can explore all she wants without me, because I’m busy building, not exploring. I don’t care if you’ve been talking to a man for two weeks or two months, NEVER give money to anyone you are talking to from an online dating site or online dating app.In fact, as soon as someone asks you for money, you need to stop talking them immediately.) that keeps you guessing and coming back for more.You can recognize him in that he knows how to talk the talk, but his actions never seem to follow-suit. On Again & Off Again This guy will do anything to get you to stay on his roller-coaster ride of up and down emotions. Why do you find yourself worried about who else he’s interacting with, and how he’s interacting with them?

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