Alice eve dating jay baruchel

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What really makes work so well is the chemistry of the cast, the believability of the relationship between Kirk and Molly, the director's willingness to push jokes to their limits (not surprising given Smith's history in improv) and, again, an abundance of heart that all add up to make the film one of those under-the-radar films that pleasantly surprises.

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In a rather sweet twist, Molly's father is played by her real-life father Trevor Eve.Both Kirk and Molly are surrounded by naysayers who remind them constantly that they are mismatched and doomed to failure. Yet, they are together and this, being a Hollywood film, means that there are going to be inevitable conflicts involving cultural differences, self-esteem issues, revelations from our perfect "10" and, of course, the absolutely necessary happy ending.Kirk is a high school graduate whose parents spent his college money on a swimming pool. Along the way, Kirk will stand up to Marnie and his family.That’s the question at the center of She’s Out of My League, a refreshing, rambunctious romantic comedy from Dream Works Pictures. When Kirk returns the phone as a courtesy, she offers to repay the favor with a pair of hockey game tickets, and he accepts, never thinking for one second that this dream girl is asking him out on a date.When Kirk (Jay Baruchel), an airport security agent, catches the eye of a stunning party planner named Molly (Alice Eve), no one can believe it’s really happening-especially him! The producers are Jimmy Miller and David Householter. The pair couldn’t seem less suited to each other, a fact that Kirk’s friends and family waste no time pointing out to him.

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