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Jones film roles include I Love You, Man (2009); Our Idiot Brother (2011); The Social Network (2010); The Muppets (2011) and Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012), for the last of which she also wrote the screenplay.

Currently, she plays the lead role in the TBS comedy series Angie Tribeca and recently co-wrote the screenplay for Toy Story 4.

See full summary » The show follows the exploits of Dazzle Novak, an idiotic detective who commits more crimes than the criminals he tries to lock up.

With the glamorous, tyrannical, chief Pizzaz Miller ... Awesome announces his retirement as leader of The Awesomes, a superhero task force, his not-so-super son Prock (Seth Meyers) fills the roster with previously rejected applicants, but despite their incompetence and general lack of ability, the team must band together to battle diabolical villains, the ever-present paparazzi, and a less-than-ideal reputation as second-class superheroes.

Hollywood, yes, I would say there is some feeding of some, as my character says in the movie ["Celeste and Jesse Forever"], 'pretty garbage-y stuff,' but we're also eating the garbage.

So people have to show that there's a mature, complex moviegoing audience that wants to see - we have to see, we have to demand the better stuff.

Jones' father, who is African American (with Tikar roots from Cameroon), also has distant English and Welsh ancestry.

Jost is a native of New York and grew up on State Rashida Jones and her current beau, President Obama‘s speechwriter Jon Favreau, were spotted in the lobby of the Charleston, Jon‘s swanky apartment building in Arlington, Virginia.Rashida, 33, and Jon, 28, have been dating for at least several months.I created an IMDb account for the sole reason of voicing my opinion about this show.To be blunt, this series is only 3 episodes in, and I'm loving it. I enjoy shows like the ones I just mentioned, but very rarely do you find a show like this, with the courage to propose continuity without taking itself too seriously.

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