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To liquidate your company there are a number of steps: 1 – Get in touch with a Liquidator, this should be a licensed Insolvency Practitioner, tell them you want to Liquidate your company.If you get in touch with us we will look through all your options and make sure Liquidation is the best option for you, there may be other solutions you did not know about. §347 Section 347 addresses the treatment of unclaimed funds in all cases under Title 11. Examples of cases in which undistributed funds might fall through the cracks of §347(b) include, but are certainly not limited to, (1) liquidating chapter 11 cases that do not involve a single entity that purchased substantially all of the debtor's assets, (2) liquidating chapter 11 cases that sell substantially all of the debtor's assets to one entity that itself is not in existence or in a position to accept the unclaimed funds five years from the date of the confirmation order, (3) liquidating chapter 11 cases in which the party entitled to a distribution rejects the distribution due to it because, , it has determined that it is not cost-effective to locate and make distribution to the parties beneficially entitled thereto, and (4) liquidating chapter 11 cases in which the debtor entity has been legally extinguished and the funds remaining on hand five years from the date of the confirmation order are the proceeds of litigation claims (and not the proceeds from the sale of the debtor's assets). These sections are designed to achieve finality, judicial economy and the avoidance of disruptive wasteful litigation over funds that remain unclaimed five years after confirmation. The funds remained in the court registry until the court determined disposition). Generally, chapter 11 funds deposited in a court registry are commingled with chapter 7 and 13 unclaimed funds. Additionally, in one instance, a court ordered that a substantial amount of undistributed funds held in its court registry from a reorganization were subject to forfeiture to the federal government.Voluntary Liquidation is a when a company takes it upon themselves to use an Insolvency Practitioner to start Liquidating their company.If you are a director of a limited company you, and any partners or shareholders, can opt to liquidate your company when things are getting difficult.WMI LIQUIDATING TRUST AGREEMENT, dated as of March 6, 2012 (this "Trust Agreement"), is by and among Washington Mutual, Inc. ("WMI Investment" and, together with WMI, the "Debtors"), as debtors and debtors-in-possession, William C.Kosturos, as liquidating trustee (together with any successor or additional trustee appointed under the terms hereof, the "Liquidating Trustee"), and CSC Trust Company of Delaware as the Delaware resident trustee (together with any successor Delaware resident trustee appointed under the terms hereof, the "Resident Trustee" and collectively with the Liquidating Trustee, the "Trustees") of the WMI Liquidating Trust (the "Liquidating Trust").

You can choose your own liquidator, in most cases, and the sale of the assets are used to pay back creditors.

Except as otherwise provided in this section or section 337, gain or loss shall be recognized to a liquidating corporation on the distribution of property in complete liquidation as if such property were sold to the distributee at its fair market value. (ii) read as follows: “For purposes of clause (i), any property described in clause (i)(I) acquired by the liquidating corporation during the 2-year period ending on the date of the adoption of the plan of complete liquidation shall, except as provided in regulations, be treated as part of a plan described in clause (i)(II).” Subsec. Stock considered to be owned by a person by reason of the application of the preceding sentence shall, for purposes of applying such sentence, be treated as actually owned by such person.

If any property distributed in the liquidation is subject to a liability or the shareholder assumes a liability of the liquidating corporation in connection with the distribution, for purposes of subsection (a) and section 337, the fair market value of such property shall be treated as not less than the amount of such liability. Stock owned (or treated as owned) by members of the same family (within the meaning of section 318(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986) shall be treated as owned by 1 person, and shall be treated as owned by such 1 person for any period during which it was owned (or treated as owned) by any such member.

For purposes of subparagraph (A), the term “disqualified property” means any property which is acquired by the liquidating corporation in a transaction to which section 351 applied, or as a contribution to capital, during the 5-year period ending on the date of the distribution. Stock owned (or treated as owned) by the estate of any decedent or by any trust referred to in subparagraph (B)(iii) with respect to such decedent shall be treated as owned by 1 person and shall be treated as owned by such 1 person for the period during which it was owned (or treated as owned) by such estate or any such trust or by the decedent.

Such term includes any property if the adjusted basis of such property is determined (in whole or in part) by reference to the adjusted basis of property described in the preceding sentence. All members of the same controlled group (as defined in section 267(f)(1) of such Code) shall be treated as 1 corporation for purposes of determining whether any of such corporations met the requirement of paragraph (5)(B) and for purposes of determining the applicable percentage with respect to any of such corporations.

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