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According to Professor Lin, “Both [multiracial] Asian-white women and men receive acceptance that are similar to those of whites.

In fact, our studies find that white and Asian men are more likely to respond to [multiracial] Asian-white women than either Asian or white women.” Multiracial “Asian-white” men were also preferred by Asian American women over (monoracial) Asian men and over white men.

This year's Prime-Time Emmy Awards occasionally felt like a self-congratulatory victory lap for the industry as it celebrated the medium's diversity.

And coming on the heels of Donald Glover's "Atlanta," another critical darling praised for its authenticity, "Insecure" also appears to be the beneficiary of mainstream adulation.

She’s also somewhat of an anti-hero for the masses of people who feel disillusioned with the current political landscape and uncertainties of the future.

Our stories range from compelling mysteries to powerful documentaries and in-depth investigations.When major news breaks, we go to the scene, putting the pieces together to bring you the full picture.And in every story we tell, we help the real people who lived the events share their journeys with you.White women responded to multiracial “Asian-white” men and white men most frequently, and they responded to (monoracial) Asian men and to African American men the least.Related: The New America: Study Examines Modern Multiracial Identies “One potential explanation of these preferences is that contemporary media promotes certain mixed-race appearances as chic, fashionable, or post-racial,” suggested Lin, “while simultaneously portrays mono-racial Asians as being passive, sly, effeminate, and nerdy.” Researchers did not have enough data to study reactions to multiracial Asian Americans who were also Hispanic or also African American.

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