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You Tube group Inside Gaming left that network and joined Rooster Teeth, forming the LA-based Funhaus office.The original, founding members were: Adam Kovic, Bruce Greene, Lawrence Sonntag, James Willems, Joel Rubin, Matt Peake, and Sean "Spoole" Poole. Gus, Adam, Barbara, Kyle, and Joel)"RT Sponsor Cut" is a show that is exclusive to sponsors and is compiled of a random mixture of Rooster Teeth employees usually playing, but not limited to, Cards Against Humanity. Based off the video game franchise "Halo", this show is about 2 teams of soldiers fighting each other over the control of a box canyon in the middle of know-where. Gavin & Dan)"The Slow-Mo Guys", being sort of self-explanatory, follows the adventures of two best friends and their lusty desire to film amazing acts of "science" in super slow motion. Gus, Gavin, Jack, Barbara, Burnie, and Joe the cat)"The Rooster Teeth Podcast" is a podcast in which current events, feelings, and opinions are mumbled in between large amounts of alcoholic beverages being consumed.RT News (Also known as "The Know" or "The Know It All" Hosted by Ashley Jenkins) (gif ft. Michaels’s total net worth is estimatedly about 1 million dollars as of 2016. Check out also net worth of Gavin Free, Phil Lester, and Freddie Highmore.

His series earned three awards at the 2003 Machinima Film Festival — Best Picture, Best Writing, and Best Independent Machinima Film — and was nominated for three others.

It’s a good job the guy one dorm over encourages his shower singing.[Lead Actor/Tech Guy College!

Ryan, cast as the classy Detective Pollard in an original college musical, is intimidated by the daunting prospect of his first proper solo.

In February 2016, Sean "Spoole" Poole left Funhaus [3], followed by Joel Rubin's exit in April of 2016 [4].

In November 2015, James Willem's wife, Elyse Willems left the You Tube channel Game Trailers and joined Funhaus.

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