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In the process, he explains how modern homes and communities are built.

In , the first of three, Rybczynski examined why we live in houses.

Removing paneling requires some work, but this is the basic process: An efficient way to counter the effect of a low ceiling is to add skylights.

You can choose from a variety of different designs, including flat window-style skylights, tubes that extend through the attic insulation, and domed lights.

While architectural critics frequently disparage the uniformity of housing, that is precisely what buyers demand; they don't want to be stuck with an odd or dated house at the time of resale. But houses are not only investments, they are homes, and hence sources of personal pleasure and pride.

Years ago, if you wanted to renovate your house in a historically accurate way, it was almost required that your house be either a Victorian or a Craftsman-style house.

The construction of a typical house requires thousands of board feet of lumber, hundreds of sheets of plywood, and many cubic yards of concrete, square feet of exterior siding and wallboard, bundles of insulation, gallons of paint, reels of wiring, and lengths of copper piping.

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Houses are the largest investments that most families will ever make, and as prudent small investors, they tend to be conservative and to avoid unnecessary risk.

After World War II, simple and economical ranch-style homes were mass-produced to meet the housing needs of returning soldiers and their families.

Because so many ranch-style houses were built quickly and with a cookie-cutter formula, the ranch is dismissed by some as simple, ordinary and without style.

Whether you're hoping to stay true to this iconic American architectural style or you want a complete overhaul, there are many great ways to update your ranch house for the 21st century.

One of the biggest complaints of many homeowners is that ranch-style houses can feel dark and claustrophobic.

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